Image of the Day Archive: April

April 30

Street Art

Street Art, San Francisco

by Tanja Luther

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April 29

Punk with Royal Wedding Tshirt

Royal wedding punk / skinhead mix. Spitalfields, London, UK 1981

by Syd Shelton

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April 28

Mods DJing

Mods DJing at The New Faces Exhibition, The Book Club, London March 2010

by Emilie Bailey

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April 27

Afrika Bambaataa

Afrika Bambaataa, The Bronx, New York 1983

by Janette Beckman

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April 26

Notting Hill Carnival

Young boys at Notting Hill Carnival, 1999

by David Corio

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April 25

Hip Hop DJ

Jungle Brothers DJ, Sammy B performing in the U.K, 1990s

by Normski

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April 24

Easter Bunnies

Easter Bunnies eating Chips, Homelands Festival 1999.


by Adam Friedman

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April 23

Traveller Child

Traveller child, with his personal information scrawled across his chest, Glastonbury Festival, UK, 1989

by Matthew Smith

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April 22


Sigur Ros live at the Hammersmith Apollo, London 28/03/2006

by Tristan Fewings

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April 21

80s Fashion

80s styles, London cira 1985

by Ted Polhemus

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April 20

Har Mar Superstar

Har Mar Superstar breakdancing, not a pretty sight, Cardiff 2003

by Rob Watkins

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April 19

Download Festival

Rock chic at the Download Festival 2009

by Dan Wilton

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April 18

70s styles

A couple in East London 1970s

by Bandele ‘Tex’ Ajetunmobi

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April 17


Man shaking his dreadlocks

by Liat Chen

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April 16

Albion Emporium

The Albion Emporium and founder Alex Bietts with shop assistant. Alfred. London. 11.07.2008

by Nick Cunard

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April 15

National No Smiling Day

National No Smiling Day at the Glastonbury Festival 1994

by Liam Bailey

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April 14

Zazou Style

A ‘Zazou’ during WWII occupied France, 1943

by Roger Violett/Rex Features

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April 13

Skinhead Girl

Claire, Skinhead woman, wearing Ben Sherman, London 2007

by Dean Belcher

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April 12

Gypsy Children

Gypsy children and their pony, under the Westway, West London 1973

by Richard Braine

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April 11

Jazz Dancer

Jazz Dancer, Nottingham 1991

by Tony Davis

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April 10

April 09


Man jumping off the top of a mountain, Austria

by Jan David Guenther

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April 08

UK Hip Hop

The UK version of the B-Boy, UK Fresh Hip Hop showcase, Wembley, London 1986

by Mr Hartnett

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April 07

teenagers jumping of a roof

Get Money Quick (GMQ) crew jumping off a roof, Kilburn, London 2000s

by Simon Wheatley

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April 06

Boy With Owl

Homey with an Owl, High Wycombe, UK 1981

by Gavin Watson

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April 05


Lolita style at a Japanese Cosplay event at the Barbican, London 06.11.2010

by James Lange

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April 04


Boy in duffle coat outside Barton House in Fulham, West London 1973

by Richard Braine

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April 03

April 02

Amish Children

Amish children enjoyng a trampoline, Mexico 2009

by Eunice Adorno

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April 01

Stage Diving

Stage Diving at Godflesh concert, The Marquee 24 July 1992

by David Corio

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