Image of the Day Archive: June

June 30

Demonstration 1968

People marching at a Civil Rights, Peace demonstration, London, UK 1970

by Chris Morris

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June 29

Man on his bike

A young man on his bicycle by the banks of the Mississippi, USA, 1980

by Peter Anderson

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June 28

LA Gang

Rolling 20’s Bloods sitting in front of their homeboy’s gravesite. Los Angeles 1994

by Estevan Oriol

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June 27


An original ‘Soulboy’ at the first Casister soul weekender in 1979

by Jill Furmanovsky

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June 26

naked hippy

A naked Hippy sunbathing, Glastonbury 1980s

by Peter Anderson

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June 25

Hippy woman

Hippy woman holding a make love sign, Glastonbury 1994

by Liam Bailey

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June 24

4am at the stone circle

4am at the stone circle in the Sacred Space at Glastonbury 2008

by James Lange

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June 23

Mud at Glastonbury

Looking rather weary at a muddy at Glastonbury 1982

by David Corio

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June 22

michael Eavis

Michael and Jean Eavis standing outside their house, Glastonbury, UK, 1989.
The second ever Glastonbury festival began today in 1971. The acts included David Bowie, Gong, Hawkwind, Arthur Brown & Fairport Convention

by Matthew Smith

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June 21

guitar in bin

Backstage with the Punk band, The Alarm, Guitar in bin and Man drinking from a bottle, 1980’s

by Peter Anderson

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June 20

Metal fan

Heavy Metal fan, Monsters of Rock festival, Castle Donnington, UK 1992
When asked how long he had been collecting the patches on his jacket he replied
“Only since ’73”

by Ted Polhemus

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June 19


Speakers at sound system at Notting Hill Carnival

by Giles Moberly

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June 18

Mods on Scooters

Mods on their scooters, London 2010

by Tim Scott

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June 17

Belly Dancer

An exotic looking belly dancer performs on Portobello Road, London 1975

One of the boys is riding a Raleigh Chopper bike

by Richard Braine

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June 16

Sonar Festival

The Sonar electronic music and multimedia festival begins today in Barcelona

by James Lange

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June 15

Ice Cube

Ice Cube, Los Angeles 1990

Ice Cube was born today in 1969. He was part of N.W.A. along with Dr Dre
and had solo success with his album The Predator in 1992

by Janette Beckman

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June 14

Boy George

George O’Dowd, otherwise known as Boy George was born today in 1961

George was the coat check attendant at Steve Strange’s Blitz club in the early 80s before becoming a household name in the band Culture Club

by Ted Polhemus

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June 13

The Wild Bunch

Members of The Wild Bunch, Camden, London 1985 (Left to Right: Willy Wee, Daddy G, Nellee Hooper, DJ Milo)

The Wild Bunch was a sound system collective from St Paul’s in Bristol. Its members included among others

Robert Del Naja (3D) Grant Marshall (Daddy G) who went on to form Massive Attack, Tricky and also producer Nellee Hooper.

by Beezer

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June 12

Old woman and car

A grand day out! An old woman looks through binoculars, sat next to a Ford Perfect car. UK 1963

by Keith Laflin

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June 11


As it is festival season, it’s time to bring out the wellies!

by Emma Gutteridge

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June 10

Hippy at Isle of Wight

A Hippy at the Isle of Wight festival in 1970. The festival first started in 1968.

The modern day festival begins today

by Peter Francis

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June 09

Acid Jazz Dancer

Acid Jazz dancer, Brighton 1994

Acid Jazz was coined by Gilles Peterson and Chris Bangs at their ‘Talkin’ Loud’ sessions at Dingwalls in Camden in the late 80s

by Brian O’Halloran

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June 08

Ravers at the Hacienda

Ravers at the Hacienda, Manchester 1989

The Hacienda club was was owned by Factory Records and had its own catalogue number FAC51.

It was the centre for the Acid House and Rave scene in the north and with local bands The Happy Mondays and Stone Roses gave birth to the ‘Madchester’ explosion.

by Peter J Walsh

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June 07

De La Soul

De La Soul 1992.

As part of the Native Tongues collective with A Tribe Called Quest and The Jungle Brothers, De La Soul brought a ‘New Age’ Afrocentric edge
to Hip Hop in the early 90s.

by Adam Friedman

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June 06


Teddy Boys and Rockers at The George pub, Hammersmith, London 1980

Teddy Boys and Rockers had a revival in the mid to late seventies

by Richard Braine

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June 05

Downhill speed skateboarder

Speed skateboard rider competes during ‘Speed Days’ the UK’s only World Cup downhill championships for street luge,

skateboarders, classic luge and gravity bikes, held at Beachy Head, Eastbourne, UK. 22/08/2009

by Emma Wood

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June 04

Underground Resistance

Techno artists, Underground Resistance, Detroit 1990

Underground Resistance was formed by ‘Mad’ Mike Banks and Jeff Mills in the late 1980s and is a collective of

Musicians and artists with a self styled ‘Militant’ approach to music and politics in the style of the Black Panthers and Public Enemy

by Peter J Walsh

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June 03

Ska boys

Two young Ska, 2-Tone fans, Coventry, UK 1980

The 2-Tone record label was set up in 1979 by Jerry Dammers of The Specials and led the revival for Jamican Ska music.

by Toni Tye

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June 02

Boy with his bike

Kevaniel. A young boy with his bicycle outside his home in an estate, Brixton, South London, UK, 2005

by Georgia Kuhn

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June 01

Sunburnt back

Girl with a sunburnt shoulders, at one of over 300 festivals taking place this year.

by Naki

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