Young Souls Exhibition by Dean Chalkley

young souls print

Due to popular demand Dean Chalkley’s Young Souls Exhibition at the Youth Club Gallery has been extended until Tuesday 16th August!

Exclusive limited edition prints from Young Souls will be exhibited at YOUTH CLUB from 21st July – 16th August.

2.1 Kingly Court (Just off Carnaby St)
London W1B 5PW


MON to FRI – 11AM – 6PM

SAT – 1PM – 6PM


Famed for his iconic portraits of the world’s brightest music stars and compelling snapshots of youth subcultures, Chalkley’s latest body of work is presented by Art, Fashion and Culture media title 125 magazine.

View the Young Souls short film
Working to a theme based around Religion, Chalkley’s Young Souls touches on the culture of Northern Soul. The Young Souls short film will be released on 125 magazine’s website on 15 July.

Chalkley comments about the self-funded project “I didn’t set out to create the definitive story of Northern Soul, but I did aim to celebrate it. The Photographic aspect is a study focusing on the current burgeoning generation of young people getting into the Scene, whereas the film brings the atmosphere and wonder of Northern Soul to life. I didn’t want to just recreate the past, but I did aim to produce timeless works that illustrate the culture as never before. It is great to show how people dance to Northern Soul, but more importantly how it is a passionate experience, and how it’s devotees young and old are immersed in it. I see the culture entering a new phase with a steep increase in popularity especially with young people. “

The phenomenon of Northern Soul goes back to Soul music loving Mods of the 1960’s. It evolved through legendary clubs like the Twisted Wheel, Golden Torch and Wigan Casino in the North of England. These legendary clubs have opened and closed, dance styles and fashions have grown and changed, but this deep soul music with a dance beat is still very much alive though.  Today’s clubs are attended by a broad age range of dancers and lovers of Rare Soul. ‘Keeping the Faith’ is a phrase commonly used by its devotees. The North of the country still has big Weekenders, All-Dayers/All-Nighters and the 100 Club in London is the home of the famous 6t’s All-Nighters now the longest running ‘Nighter’ in the country.

This music is driven by passion. It has Soul! … This is evident by the number of miles club goers are willing to travel in order to enjoy their nights of dancing. Recently there has been an interesting development, more and more young people are switching on to this music and finding their way onto the dance floor collecting records and discovering for the first time the wonder of this form of music, they are switching on, learning to dance and becoming the next generation of Soul fans.

Dean has been very careful to exercise the utmost integrity on this project as it is near to his heart.
Northern Soul is fiercely protected by its devotees. That is what enables it to, “keep on keepin’ on.”
The dancers in the film came forward when the call out was made on Facebook, Twitter and Soul related internet forums and by word of mouth. The Young Soul’s club scene was filmed in January 2011 in North London.

Dean Chalkley directed, produced and wrote Young Souls and worked alongside French cinematographer Benoir Soler, editor James W.Griffiths with sound design and mix by Mauricio D’Orey and C.A.Smith.

Young Souls Facebook group


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