PYMCA at Vintage 2011

PYMCA is featuring heavily at this year’s Vintage Festival down at the Southbank in London

We will be decorating the Warehouse Space and celebrating the origins of rave culture deep in the bowels of the Southbank Centre.

The display will feature key images from the early Acid House and Rave scenes from photographers including Dave Swindells, Peter J Walsh, Tristan O’Neill plus many more.

PYMCA will also be represented in the Classic Album Living Room displaying prints from the archive.

Visitors will also be able to purchase prints and books from the YOUTH CLUB stall at the North/South Divide Pub.

The Warehouse brings Britain’s distinctive dance culture and DJ history to the fore by paying respect to our rich club culture and the DJs that have shaped it. Wall to wall dance music covering everything from 70s Funk and Disco, through early 80s Electro, Boogie, Rare Groove and onto, of course early Rave, Acid House and Balaeric.

Featuring a wealth of DJ Pioneers including…

FRIDAY London legends:

Norman Jay
Terry Farley

Trevor Fung
Jay Strongman
Andrew Weatherall

SATURDAY Manchester legends:

Mike Pickering
Graeme Park
A Guy Called Gerald
Greg Wilson
Jon Da Silva

SUNDAY Party vibe:

Greg Wilson
Noel Watson
Ashley Beedle
Winston Hazel
Jack Hemingway

Collectively the DJs above represent many of the most influential venues / club nights in the history of UK dance culture.


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