Image of the Day Archive: July

July 31

viva las vegas

Rockabilly women at Viva Las Vegas weekend, 2006

by Tim Scott

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July 30


Last year at the Vintage festival, Goodwood.

by Mr Hartnett

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July 29


The Vintage festival starts today at the Southbank centre, London

by Mr Hartnett

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July 28

chap olympics

The Chap Olympiad

Running annually from 2005, The Chap Olympiad has become Britain’s most eccentric sporting event, attracting Londoners to this now famous celebration of athletic ineptitude and immaculate trouser creases. Hosted by The Chap Magazine (a monthly journal celebrating tweeds, hat doffing and Martinis) and Bourne and Hollingsworth (the fellows behind Blitz Party and Prohibition), The Chap Olympiad is an eye-catching spectacle, full of oddball elegance and quirky panache.

by Nick Cunard

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July 27


The Vintage Festival 2010. This year the festival will be held at the Southbank Centre in London

by Mr Hartnett

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July 26


The rave continues in the street, outside the Astoria, after the Trip, London, 1988

by David Swindells

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July 25

Amy Winehouse

RIP Amy Winehouse. Performing at the very small Barfly Club in Camden, London 2004

by Rob Watkins

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July 24

secret garden party

Crowds at Secret Garden Party 2008

by Jack Davies

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July 23

secret garden party

Stylish fancy dress at Secret Garden Party 2008

by Ivy Lahon

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July 22

secret garden party

Having fun at the Secret Garden Party, Huntington, Cambridgeshire 2008

by Jack Davies

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July 21

new romantic

New Romantic girl at the Blitz Club, UK, 1980

by Ted Polhemus

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July 20

Fans at Misty in Roots Concert

A stylish guy at a Misty in Roots concert, Stockwell 1977

by Syd shelton

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July 19

Arcadia Stage

Aracadia Stage Glastonbury 2011

Arcadia are an experimental company who take military scrap and turn it on its head to create positive environments for the purpose of celebrating life by incorporating circus acts, special effects and cutting edge technologies to create a huge, 360 degree show.

by Ian Hunter

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July 18

punk gig

Crowd at a punk gig, Santiago, Chile 2007

Taken from the book Santiago Snap!

by Francisca Pinochet

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July 17


Muscle guys at Lovebox 2007

by Tristan Fewings

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July 16


Giant mirrorball at Lovebox festival, Victoria park, London

by Tristan Fewings

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July 15


Lovebox festival starts today, London

by Tristan Fewings

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July 14

Rio Favelas

Boys playing football in the rain, at a youth centre in Cantagalo, Zone Sul, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 2006

by Nicola Dracoulis

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July 13

Big Beach Boutique

The big Beach Boutique, Brighton 2002.

Fatboy Slim brought the Brighton area to a standstill when he threw a free beach party. Organisers had expected 60,000 fans to attend but over 250,000 turned up causing chaos on the roads with traffic jams over ten miles long.

by Leonie Morse

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July 12


Rockers, Harajaku Park Tokyo Japan 1985

Photographer Josh Cheuse recalls – “These same rockers were still dancing when I went back in 2008.”

by Josh Cheuse

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July 11

The specials

Rude Boy style, 2 Tone. A member of the Specials, UK 1980

Today in 1981 The Specials had their second and final UK No.1 single with ‘Ghost Town’. Despite being a song about Coventry, the band chose to film the video of themselves driving a Vauxhall Cresta around some empty London streets.

by Jill Furmanovsky

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July 10

boy reading comic

Boy sitting on a box in the street reading Sparky with his Chopper bicycle leaning below, London, 1970’s

by Richard Braine

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July 09


A wakeboader rides the wave, Wakestock, Europe’s largest wakeboard music festival is on this weekend.

by Frazer Waller

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July 08

T in the Park

Its Mr T in the Park! this years festival starts today, Scotland

by Dan Wilton

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July 07

bootsy collins

The first time Parliament had got together in many years, we spent 3 days hanging out with George Clinton and the band, the journalist for some reason returned to London without his interview, only Bootsy Collins’ mum’s telephone number in Detroit.

by Lawrence Watson

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July 06

Dizzee Rascal

Dizzee Rascal, London 2005. In 2008 he had his first UK No 1 single with Calvin Harris & Crome with ‘Dance Wiv Me’

by James Pearson-Howes

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July 05

The Rolling Stones

Today in 1969, The Rolling Stones gave a free concert in London’s Hyde Park before an audience of 250,000, as a tribute to Brian Jones who had died two days earlier. Mick Jagger read an extract from Percy Bysshe Shelley’s ‘Adonais’ and released 3,500 butterflies; it was also guitarist’s Mick Taylor’s debut with the Stones, King Crimson, Family, The Third Ear Band, Screw and Alexis Korner’s New Church also appeared on the day.

by Chris Morris

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July 04

Teenager climbing

A Teenager hanging on to a wooden cross-bar, with an American Flag Attached, USA 2000’s

by Felix Larher

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July 03

furry shoes

A bit warm for summer wear!

by Mr Hartnett

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July 02


The Ibiza party season is now in full swing

by Catherine Booker

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July 01

Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown, at the recording sesion for ‘Money in my pocket’, Berry Street Studios, London UK 1979.

He died today in 1999, aged only 42

by Syd Shelton

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