The Mexican Affair – Colombias Subculture

The Mexican Affair is a great blog by Amanda Watkins documenting the new subcultures emerging in Monterrey, Mexico.

Amanda says “I love getting to know the culture here but particularly the Colombia sub-culture scene or the cholombianos as VICE named them. Very Mexican but their music is influenced by Colombian Vallenato. They are supercool, have very strange hairstyles, wear the Virgin de Guadalupe on their clothes and they love to dance la rueda.”

The Colombias or Cholombianos subculture proves that there are still new looks and styles to be explored and that not ‘everything has been done’. South America is currently going through a massive explosion in subcultures, mainly influenced from the west and Japan, but the Colombias prove that you can create your own identity in this style homogenized world.

All images ©Amanda Watkins


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