Images of the Homeless by Lee Jefferies

These stunning portraits of the homeless were taken in Europe and the United States by British photographer Lee Jefferies

Lee’s career began as a sports photographer, capturing the beautiful game of football in Manchester. Then a chance meeting with a homeless woman living in the streets of London changed his life forever. Lee recalls that, initially, he had stolen a photo from this young homeless girl huddled in a sleeping bag. He knew that the young girl had noticed him but his first reaction was to leave. He says that something made him stay and go and discuss with the homeless girl. His perception about the homeless completely changed. They became the subject of his art. “Situations arose, and I made an effort to learn to get to know each of the subjects before asking their permission to do their portrait.” He has since dedicated himself to capturing gripping portraits of the disenfranchised.

You can view all of Lee’s amazing portraits on his Flickr site.

Prints are also available to purchase at

Many Homeless people have to spend Christmas on the streets, help them by donating to the homeless charity Shelter

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