BOOM! – A Baby Boomer Memoir 1947 – 2022 by Ted Polhemus

Long-time PYMCA collaborator and author of Streetstyle, Ted Polhemus, has announced the release of two new books…

Ted says… “64 years in the making – hope you like it. I think BOOM! – A Baby Boomer Memoir 1947-2022 is my most important book – weaving together social history, personal memoir, pop culture, youth culture, politics, design, TV, fiction, food, sex, drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll and a lot else besides to make sense of what has happened to our world from WWII to the present day – and beyond.”

From Neptune, New Jersey to Swinging London, Rhythm & Blues to Punk, the rise of suburbia to the rebirth of the city, modernism to post-modernism, I Love Lucy to The Adams Family, Playboy to ‘Make Love Not War’, boom to bust, LSD to ecstasy, Hipsters to, um, Hipsters, Cool Jazz to Cool Hunting, youthculture to ‘Kidults’, ‘Us’ to ‘Me, Me, Me’, BOOM! covers it all in a comprehensive and incisive manor.

At over 400-pages – including lists of all the most important music, films, TV and fiction for each decade, a Timeline to enable you to do the time warp and a comprehensive index, the book certainly covers all bases and is a must read for anyone interested in popular culture and style.

You can check out the timeline of events from the book at Ted’s Blog

>>>You can buy BOOM! print-on-demand (you order it, they print it and send it to you) or as an e-book download from

Or if you want the illustrated version . . .
>>>Orbiting Neptune – a baby boomer memoir is a pictorial companion to BOOM! and is available print-on-demand and e-book download from

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