Theme of the Week #1 – Union Jacks

With the Olympics fast approaching this summer plus the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee happening in June, the UK is going to be awash with the Union flag. In the first of our weekly themed posts we’d thought we’d celebrate how the image of the Union Jack is now back in Vogue, but how it never really went away. Check out more Union Jack images on

UK 2010 - Paul Hartnett

Boots at LFW 2010 - Paul Hartnett

A Punk, at a gig, UK 1980 - Peter Anderson

Teenage boy, High Wycombe UK 1980's - Gavin Watson

Punk, Blackpool UK 2010 - Paul Hartnett

Paloma Faith at LFW 2011 - Paul Hartnett

Vintage style 2011 - Paul Hartnett

Vintage at South Bank, 2011 - Paul Hartnett

Britpop girl, Brighton, 1990's - Ralph L. Blair

Wearing PVC in a club, Croatia 1990's - Jay Brooks

Union Jack beach towel, Spain, 2000's - Naki

Mod and his S.H.A.D.O. Lambretta scooter. Isle of Wight 2000 - Rachael Harman

Leggings at London Fashion Week 2010 - Paul Hartnett

Dyed hair, Homelands festival, UK 2003 - Paul Hartnett

Mohawk, Rebellion Punk Festival, Blackpool, UK 2010 - Paul Hartnett

Nu Rave / Electro styles, Anti-Social, Bar Music Hall, London 2007 - Paul Hartnett


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