Theme of the Week #2 – Abstracts Part One

Here at PYMCA we’re not just all about Teds, Mods, Punks & Ravers. We have a large collection of abstract and quirky imagery as well. Here’s a small selection. Look out for more selections coming up in future and in the meantime check out all of PYMCA’s collection of Abstract Imagery

Walking past a wall covered in graffiti, UK 1990's - Martyn Goodacre

Sign on a building, St Petersburg, Russia, 1990's - Kai Wiechmann

A mess of motorbikes parked at a convention 1990's - Ted Polhemus

Close-up of a low rider bike, USA, 2000's - Simon Elden

Close-up of a horses face, Brecon Beacons, UK, 2000's - Matthew Smith

'Try God' bumper sticker on a car, Rhode Island, USA 1981 - Ted Polhemus

Rear of a bog diver's head, UK 2000's - Chris Dyer

Fusebox, switches - Andy Simmons

Suntan lotion heart - Leonie Morse

Skateboard park, UK - Styley

Prostitutes' business cards, London 2000's - Giles Moberly

Old fashioned microphone - Naki

Anti-gun graffiti painted on city sidewalk

Disco ball - Judith Erwes

Tokyo, Japan, 2000 - Ben Knight

Skateboarder - Carlos 'Grury' Santos

Clown Shoes - Emily Stein

Tights and boots - Mark Henderson

Heart-shaped flower bed, Turkey


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