‘The New Faces’ Short Film by Dean Chalkley

Thursday 8th March
6pm – 2am (screening at 7.30pm: duration 20 minutes)
Free entry

In 2010 PYMCA photographer Dean Chalkley unveiled his landmark photographic exhibition ‘The New Faces’. Exhibited at The Book Club, it was a study of eight young ‘Mods’ bound together by their shared passion for smart dressing, rare soul music, socialising and dancing.

And now, almost two years to the day, Dean returns to The Book Club, this time with The New Faces: A Short Film. The film forms a hypnotic visual experience as well as being an incisive and engaging contemporary document. It’s also a pin point in a perennial subculture that began in the 1960’s and has evolved and lives on in this modern age.

The New Faces steps inside the minds of three young men captured in the enthrallment of a culture that they have fondly devoted themselves to. We are privy to their refreshingly honest, personal and polarised views, rooted in the ideology of a modernist culture.

The New Faces: A Short Film (Trailer 1) from Dean Chalkley on Vimeo.

View the whole New Faces film at Show Studio

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

View all of the stills from The New Faces


2 thoughts on “‘The New Faces’ Short Film by Dean Chalkley

  1. Plus To commemorate Dean’s previous exhibition at The Book Club, he is giving away 100 posters from the photographic exhibition ‘The New Faces’.

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