Theme of the Week #3 – Mods & Scooterists

Following on from the ‘New Faces’ short film by Dean Chalkley, we thought it would be a good time to showcase more Mod & Scooterist images from the 1960s to the present.

You can view the New Faces film here

Read all about the Mod subculture in PYMCA Cultural Research

Mod with a customised scooter, London, UK 1960's - Dave Middleton

Teenage Mod couple, London 1964 - David Magnus / Rex Features

Standing around a scooter, 1966 - David McEnery/Rex

Mod wearing a parka, London 1964 - Peter Francis

Riding their scooters, London 1964 - Peter Francis

Mods in parkas & their Vespa scooters, London 1964 - Peter Francis

Carnaby Street, London Jan 1967 - Dezo Hoffman/Rex

Dancing in a club, London 1964 - Bruce Fleming/Rex

Classified Advert for Mod clothing, 1964

Classified Advert for Beatles clothing, 1964

A young teenage Mod, posing with two girls, Streatham, London, UK 1976 - Janette Beckman

Three Mod/Skinhead girls,laughing and drinking, UK 1980's - Peter Anderson

Two Mods, one straightening his tie, Streatham, London 1976 - Janette Beckman

Chuka and Dubem, twins wearing Mod / Ska, Rude Boy style, London, 1979 - Janette Beckman

A group of Mods, 2 Tone fans at a gig. Hastings 1981 - Clare Muller

Mods & Scooterists by the sea, UK July 1981 - Richard Braine

Teenagers on scooters in a west London street, 1981 - Mark Charnock

Mod on a yellow Vespa - Isle of Wight 2000 - Rachel Harman

Girl in Paisley, Isle of Wight 2000 - Rachel Harman

Mod sisters Karen and Paula. London, 2007 - Dean Belcher

Mod, Southern Sam. London, 2007 - Dean Belcher

Mod woman in 60's style, Beth. London, 2008 - Dean Belcher

Girl in vintage 60s style, London 2010 - Emilie Bailey

Mods DJing at New Faces party, London 2010 - Emilie Bailey


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