Theme of the Week #4 – Environments

The environment we are brought up in shapes us as people, from wide open spaces to claustrophobic estates, environment plays a key role in who we are, how we dress, what we listen to and what we follow. Below are some examples of both urban and rural from our collection. To see more click here

Graffiti, London 1964 - Richard Braine

Ally in Roaring 20's neighbourhood, LA 1990s. Block lettering on the wall representing the neighbourhood - Estevan Oriol

Beach huts at the Seaside, UK 2004 - Petra Medley

Youth with a BMX on an estate UK 1992 - Jean-Luc Brouard

CCTV cameras in East London - Mark Henderson

Young boy jumping into a river, Indonesia 2009 - Indah WB/Shoot Experience

Beautiful landscape with horses running towards the camera - Rosemary Scanlon/Shoot Experience

Council estate at night - Tom Wichelow

Rain on the window of a council flat - Tom Wichelow

24 hour, drive in diner, U.S.A. - Styley

Row of school buses, USA 2005 - Styley

Graffiti art in front of a large warehouse, Berlin, 2004 - Mark Henderson

Zoo swingers club New York, USA 1981 - Ted Polhemus

Signs for an illegal free party, UK 1990's - Henry Ratcliffe

Trash shop, Street scene, New York, USA 1981 - Ted Polhemus

An old woman walking past a billboard of Margaret Thatcher, UK, 2000's - Lee Vincent Grubb


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