Theme of the Week #6 Punk

On June 2nd it will be exactly 35 years since the Queens Silver Jubilee when she celebrated 25 years on the throne. On June 7th 1977, the Jubilee holiday itself, a certain Punk band going by the name of the Sex Pistols sailed down the Thames playing their own take on the national anthem ‘God Save The Queen’. The Punk revolution was in full swing and the Pistol’s second single reached number 2 in the UK charts. This led to accusations by some that the charts had been “fixed” to prevent the song from reaching number one. In March 2001, the BBC wrote that the single “reached number one in the UK in 1977 despite being banned by the BBC”

The single is also being re-released for the Queen’s diamond Jubilee and the BBC are producing a new documentary and radio series named Punk Britannia.

So it’s high time we celebrated all things Punk here at PYMCA

Soo Catwoman at Linda Ashby’s flat, Oct 1976 – Ray Stevenson/Rex

Jordan, 1977 – Rex

Punks at the Roxy London, April 1977 – Richard Braine

Punks at the Roxy London, April 1977 – Richard Braine

‘The Bromley Contingent’ – Debbie Juvenile, Siouxsie Sioux, Steve Severin, Linda Ashby, Soo Catwoman, Sharon Hayman, Simon Barker, Philip Salon and Berlin at Linda Ashby’s flat, Oct 1976 – Ray Stevenson/Rex

Punks at the Roxy London April, 1977 – Richard Braine

Jordan and Johnny Rotten, 1976 – Ray Stevenson/Rex

Sex Pistols ‘God Save The Queen’ Badge 1977 – Sergio Zalis/Rex

A punk with a Soo Catwoman tattoo on her shoulder, UK 1980 – Ted Polhemus

Punk girl, Kings Rd London, UK, 1981 – Ted Polhemus

A punk with a Denis the Menace badge, UK 1980s – Ted Polhemus

Sex Pistols gig, Brunel University. 1977 – Graham Smith

Two boys wearing Vivienne Westwood T shirts, Kings Road, UK, 1980’s – Ted Polhemus

Punks hanging out on the Kings Road, London 1983 – Ted Polhemus

Punk giving the V sign to a policeman, London, 1983 – Nils Jorgensen/Rex

Viv Albertine, The Slits, London 1980 – Clare Muller

A punk couple on the Kings Road, London 1980s – Ted Polhemus

A female punk with a mohican, 1980 – Ted Polhemus

Punk Girl in skirt and fish net tights, a £1 Punk. Chelsea, London 1984 – Paul Hartnett

The Jam 1977 – Graham Smith

Backstage with the Punk band, The Alarm, 1980’s – Peter Anderson

Paul Simonon, The Clash. London 1981 – Clare Muller

Two Punk girls, one wearing a Clash T-shirt, Hyde Park, London 1979 – Janette Beckman

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One thought on “Theme of the Week #6 Punk

  1. Reblogged this on manchesteremma and commented:
    There seems to be a real insurgence of nostalgia happening at the moment, there’s anniversaries left right and centre. It’s good for us to look back at the rich culture Britain has produced – and Punk is one of those era’s that has come to define how subculture can really slap you in the face and defy tradition. But lets not get too bogged down with the past, and take a leaf from Punk’s book to make way for more outrageous (politically AND aesthetically) subcultures to rail against our current downturns…’cause lord knows we need it!

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