London Festival of Photography Starts Today

Faisal Barbers by Nick Cunard from Great British Public Exhibition

The 2012 London Festival of Photography starts today with a host of exhibitions throughout London featuring:

The Queen, The Chairman and I – Kurt Tong: The Horse Hospital, 31 May to 23 June
International Street Photography: 29-31 Oxford Street, 1 to 30 June
Beneath the Surface – Steve Bloom: Guardian Gallery, 1 to 28 June
Single Saudi Women – Wasma Mansour: Hardy Tree Gallery, 1 June to 1 July
Tiksi – Evgenia Arbugaeva: Calumet Photographic Gallery, 1 to 30 June
Camera Obscura – Minnie Weisz: Minnie Weisz Studio, 1 to 28 June
Burn My Eye Collective: Only Connect Theatre, 1 to 30 June
Money in Bamako and London: British Museum, 1 to 30 June
Hijacked III – Australia: Photofusion, 1 June to 20 July
Firecracker presents: Lives of Others: William Road Gallery, 1 to 30 June
Contemporary London Street Photography: King’s Cross Station, 1 June to 15 August
Inside Out: London Festival of Photography Prize: Fitzrovia Community Centre, 1 to 30 June
Behind Closed Doors: Fitzrovia Community Centre, 1 to 30 June
Sleep Walk Sleep Talk – Suki Chan: Museum of London (foyer), 1 to 10 June

All exhibitions above are FREE entry

There are also two ticketed shows

The Great British Public: 1 to 24 June, Dog Eared Gallery – £6.50

The Great British Public will present images from photographers working the length and breadth of the British Isles documenting the daily life, work and rituals of the British in their many incarnations. A focus on street photography will be complimented by intimate documentary studies and portraits from a range of established practitioners including John Angerson, Nick Cunard (PYMCA), Peter Dench, Liz Hingley, Zed Nelson, Martin Parr, Ben Roberts, Simon Roberts, Arnhel de Serra, Chris Steele-Perkins, Ewen Spencer, Homer Sykes and Giulietta Verdon-Roe.

The Gaddafi Archives: Libya Before the Arab Spring: 21 to 29 June, Slade Research Centre at The Warburg Institute – £7.50

Through carefully collated photographs, documents, artefacts and videos, The Gaddafi Archives – Libya Before the Arab Spring will shed light on the recent history of Libya, starting with the reign of King Idris and spanning the regime of Colonel Gaddafi. The exhibition will highlight photography’s role in recording and documenting an important period in Libya’s history that we can only now begin to truly understand.



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