Dean Chalkley Exhibition at The Royal Albert Hall

Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine, London

PYMCA photographer Dean Chalkley is currently presenting his two latest exhibitions at London’s world famous music venue, the Royal Albert Hall.

Dean will present two exhibitions that bring together his passion for Music, Fashion and Culture. Look.Hear, features the essence of established and new musical talent alike; from The Kings of Leon and The White Stripes to The Horrors and Florence and the Machine amongst others. Young Souls focuses on the current and burgeoning generation of young people participating in the ‘Northern Soul’ scene.

Young Souls, 2011

The two exhibitions have a cultural cross over point; music being the obvious link. The portraits of the musicians in Look.Hear are of some of our contemporary sonic beacons, somewhat icons, affecting their audiences with the music they have created. Their image portrays their message and the journey that has brought them to this point.

Young Souls are the pinnacle of those who have immersed themselves whole-heartedly into music. Not affiliated with one musician in particular but to the specific genre of music called Soul. Their portraits bare the signifiers of their tribe and a knowing of the culture they belong to.

In this respect, what the two collections share are their commitment, one group living lives devoted to the giving of creation of music and the other devoted to the receiving of it. It is this that has earned them recognition by the photographer to be celebrated as heroes.

Amy Winehouse, shot for the NME 2006

Look.Hear & Young Souls will be displayed as part of the Hall’s reflect series from Thursday 20 September- Friday 26 October.
This exhibition is free and takes place on the ground floor corridor of the Royal Albert Hall. It can be viewed when attending performances at the Hall or during these free open days:

Saturday 29 September, 10am – 3pm

Saturday 6 October, 10am – 3pm

For a chance to win two guest list places to the exclusive private view this Friday check Dean’s Blog for details


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